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Alexander Naddour, Gymnactics, USA Alexander Naddour, Gymnactics, USA

Here are some of the most beautiful athletes participants to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016. These guys have awesome body and handsome faces… They having been blessed by the Gods, and they give us the opportunity to watch them, to look at them in their full beauty!

Alexander Naddour, Gymnactics, USA

Bjorn Berrefors, Decathlon, Sweden Bjorn Berrefors, Decathlon, Sweden

camille lacourt_swimming_france_2 Camille Lacourt, Swimming, France

Giacomo PERZ DORTONA_Swimming-France_3 Giacomo PEREZ DORTONA, Swimming, France

Kerron Clement_USA Kerron Clement, USA

Kevin Mayer_Decathlon_France _2 Kevin Mayer, Decathlon, France

Loic Pietri_Judo_French Loic Pietri, Judoka, France

Turner Marcel Nguyen bereitet sich am Donnerstag (05.07.2012) auf das Pressetraining des Sommerfestes des Deutschen Teams für die Olympischen Spiele London 2012 im Bundesleistungszentrum in Kienbaum vor. Foto: Bernd Settnik dpa/lbn +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++ Marcel Nguyen, Gymnastics, Germany,

Mehdy Metella_Swimming_France_3 Mehdi Metella, Swimming, France

Shwan Barber Perche Canada Shawn Barber, Perche, Canada

Tommaso Rinaldi, Decathlon, Italy

Tommaso Rinaldi, Decathlon, Italy Tommaso Rinaldi, Decathlon, Italy

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