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Bo Devilius024_o Bo Devilius

This is about young lads who are models. they are young or they were. It is not because the post is about young guys that means all these attractive young men are still young. But at the time the pictures were shot , they were definitively young.

To be clear here are the current age of these boys in 2015:

Bo Devilius :  21 y/o
Connor Hosford: 24 y/o
Kieran Wagner : 20 y/o
Oliver Bailey : 20 y/o
Thomas Davenport : 24 y/o
Jordan Barrett: 21 y/o
John Todd: 23 y/o
Lucas Loyola : 20 y/o
Paddy Mitchell: 21 y/o

conor-hosford-o Conor Hosford

Kieran_Warner_Coitus_1 Kieran Warner

Oliver Bailey-03 Oliver Bailey

Oliver-Bailey-_2digi_o Oliver Bailey

Thomas Davenport_1 Thomas Davenport

Jordan Barrett_002 Jordan Barrett

Jordan Barrett_004 Jordan Barrett

John-Todd_o John Todd

Lucas Loyola_004-042 Lucas Loyola

Pedro-Homotography-Vizmanos-07 Pedro

gabriel-loureiro-lucas-lourenc3a7o-attitude-by-jeff-segenreich-04 Gabriel Loureiro & Lucas Lourenc

Liev Ivankov_03_o Liev Ivankov

liev-ivankov_01_o Liev Ivankov

Paddy Mitchell Paddy Mitchell

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