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More college shenanigans: After refusing to pass a motion condemning ISIS, Britain’s National Union of Students votes to boycott Israel

Why Evolution Is True

I’m afraid Britain’s students have surpassed those of the U.S. in demanding Special Snowflake status, as well as in showing complete obtuseness when it comes to politics. This has just played out in a breathless display of hypocrisy.

In October of last year, I reported that Britain’s National Union of Students deep-sixed a vote to condemn ISIS. As I quoted from The Tab at the time:

Hand-wringing delegates at the NUS blocked a vote to show solidarity with Iraqi Kurds and condemn Islamic State militants because they say it’s “Islamophobic”.

The bill called for the Union – which claims to represent UK students – to support unity between Muslims, condemn the bloody terror of ISIS (also known as the Islamic State), and support a boycott on people who fund the militants.

But the motion offended Black Students Officer Malia Bouattia, who said: “We recognise that condemnation of ISIS appears to have…

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