Pubblicato da: rainbowman56 | 9 aprile 2015

Homiophobic pizza

Gay hater’s concept of religious freedom is this: license to discriminate and hate who you fXXXing want.

Not a religious man myself, I  thought that religion was supposed to be  abuut love, charity and spirituality. Not so   for the assholes who gloat on their miserable fandom of bigots and racists. What’s to say? If I had a lover, I’d never think of having my wedding feast in an homophobic pizza joint, nor we would ever want a stinking homophobe to bake our cake. I’m not so hot on hetero marriage paraphernalia, anyway. Those commercial shops whose patrons are so stupid as to discriminate for “religious” beliefs fully deserve to be boycotted to bankruptcy, Financial, that is. Morally, they’re already bankrupt.


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