Pubblicato da: rainbowman56 | 8 aprile 2015

Watch: Anti-Gay Activist Just Can’t Understand Why Cookie Shop Won’t Bake Anti-Gay Cake  

This video is going viral on conservative websites, but can’t even they understand why this is, forgive the word, crazy?

Can we maybe, once and for all, clear something up?

This is mainly for conservatives, who apparently need an economics 101 lesson.

If you walk into the GAP, and demand they sell you a television, and they refuse, it’s not discrimination. You’re just nuts. The GAP sells jeans and other clothing items. They don’t make or sell TVs.

If you walk into a wedding cake baker, and ask them to sell you a wedding cake, and they refuse, because you’re gay, it’s discrimination, because you’re asking them to sell you something they are in business to sell.

Makes sense, right?

So, if you turn on your camera, and record yourself talking into your cell phone, and you call a store that bakes and sells cookies, and you demand they bake you “a cake, or maybe even a pie that says ‘gay marriage is wrong,'” and they refuse, that’s not discrimination – that’s just dumb.

That’s what an anti-gay Christian activist did in a video that was posted on several right wing websites, including frequent Fox News guest host Laura Ingraham’s site, and another that calls this “Flipping the script on Gay mafia.”

Theodore Shoebat, who previously made headlines for another, similar, ridiculous stunt, posted a video of himself calling a cookie shop, apparently owned and promoted as a gay cookie shop, and asked them to bake him a cake with an anti-gay message.

When they refused, because it’s not a product they sell, he claimed discrimination, and the right wing is eating it up.

Even the intro to his video says he asked the cookie bakers for a cake, but that’s not the most important issue here: they don’t sell cakes, and they don’t sell hate.

Fortunately, judges are agreeing with bakers who refuse to sell anti-gay hate, which Christian extremists are calling discrimination.

Please, someone tell me conservatives are not this blind, and that they can see how this is not the same as asking a wedding cake baker to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple?

Because if they can’t grasp something so simple as this, this country is doomed.


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