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The Atheist Ten Commandments

Why Evolution Is True

by Grania

CNN has a piece on a contest run on the Atheist Heart, Humanist Mind site where atheists were asked to submit modern alternatives to the original set in Exodus and Deuteronomy.

CNN opines:

There’s nary a “thou shalt” among them — nothing specifically about murder, stealing or adultery, although there is a version of the Golden Rule, which presumably would cover those crimes.

If they lack faith in the divine, the atheist “non-commandments” display a robust faith in humankind, as if Silicon Valley had replaced Sinai.

Silicon Valley, eh?

These are the winners:


Those sound reasonable, although I don’t know if atheists really need a reminder about God not being necessary, I would have thought that was a given. But perhaps they intended this for a wider audience. I like the fact that it favors critical thinking, scientific discovery but also strives to foster an environment that promotes human…

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