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The 5 illogicalities of John Hawkin’s logical beliefs

The Daily Mush

I ran across this article just the other day …

— took that long for it to show up in my life. It might take me five blog posts just to deal with his 5 “truths” – so bizarre is the man’s thinking.

5 Truths You’re Not Allowed To Say About Gays In America”

by one “John Hawkins | Jun 10, 2014” – it’s gotten “Share[s] on Facebook 3.3K” – popular, perhaps. But there’s some glaring problems with his analysis. So, I thought I’d help the man figure it out. First by noting for “5 truths” you can’t utter – here he is uttering them to the point of 3,300 Facebook shares alone. Who knows how many people read this? So who isn’t “Allowed” to say it? Beats me.
Anyway, it requires almost a sentence by sentence refutation … and yes, I plan on trying to track the…

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