Pubblicato da: rainbowman56 | 7 ottobre 2014

The “What do we do with homosexuals?” SCOTUS ‘indecision’

The Daily Mush

The Supreme Court today announced that it would not hear a bunch of cases from 3 appeals courts on the “issue of national importance” as it is sometimes styled, aka: “gay marriage” and “gay rights” – but never couched in terms “Rights for gays” and the “religious rights of gay men” and “why does anyone worry about it?” – no, it’s a topic of endless discussion. As I joked on one thread tonight at some website I found through Facebook: “to paraphrase Winston Churchill: Never before have so many said so much about so few.” 100,000s, millions even, of words will be spewed forth on the matter. There’s not really “two sides” to this – there’s a 100 … albeit, two main sides.

In that corner is 95% of the population which frets incessantly over the age old question: “What do we do with the homosexuals?” Why anyone feels they must do…

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