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Julien Descamps is a French male model. He was born in Tourcoing, a city in the Northern part of France near the border with Belgium. He is now 23 year old (2014).
He joined the French army for a while but dis not want to spend a long career there, so he decided to quit having in mind to be a fashion model has he was interesting in fashion.

Julien Descamps, French model Julien Descamps, French model

The exercises in the army and a regular practice of sport and gym give him a well fit body and he is a cute guy he had quickly the change to be hired for shooting. His first assignments were in Asia , and particularly in Indonesia, after some successful campaigns he transferred to Milan in Italy where he lives but he could very soon be back in his native country : France.

Julien Descamps for Gian Marco Ferré Julien Descamps for Gian Marco…

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