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A wonderful attack on the “militant fundamentalist atheism” trope

Why Evolution Is True

I’ve often wondered why atheists, even liberal ones, often attack “militant” atheism while completely ignoring the perfidies of religion. After all, it’s not like atheism threatens the well-being of the world, nor do atheists kill people or tell them what to eat, how and when to have sex, or threaten others with damnation in the afterlife.

Nevertheless, there is in some quarters of liberal journalism—and I’m thinking of the Guardian and the New York Times—a tendency to go after atheists as being like religious fundamentalists, and to ignore the perils of Islam or Catholicism—even accusing critics of the former as “Islamophobes.”  At the Guardian, Andrew Brown is, of course, one of these “atheist butters” who seems to have little to do beyond slinging mud at people like Richard Dawkins while ISIS cuts the heads off his fellow journalists.

But it’s all good today, because Nick Cohen, writing in…

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